Okay. So i Decided that i want to make this Journal more
Private. So, Friend's only indeed. =)

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I would be more than happy to be your friend just leave a
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Yoroshiku ongeshimasu~~~


r anyone who needs this right now.

Though I knowsnow_guardian has seen part of this.
Also aimed at: nudrive ,aijin_jin_17,mime0_0

I wrote this a while ago its not really anything but i hope it helps in some form.

Can you see it?
The raindrops?
They're dancing in the sunlight.
Everthing will be alright.

Look, They're falling,
Falling so happily.
Can you see it?
Look, they're making the grass dance.

What would thye do if we kissed in the rain?
Would you kiss me in the rain?
Take me to that place,
That land that seems so far away?
Will you take away the pain, the sadness and anger?
They will be happy then.
We'll see them ne~
Dancing in the moonlight,
we should join them and smile.

Mou ichidou waratte.
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kyou wa...

Kyou wa went to have a blood test. that was fun! I got there and i saw my friend there, which was weird cos
we never knew we lived in the same area or had the same doctor. ( i met her through some friends) We were both there for blood test and our first O_o

But yeah i was being tested to see if i was aneamic or a coliac =O so i went in ad the nurse was really nice.
and she kept going on about how much she liked my bag. xD

well anyway she asumed i had  lood test and i was like no O_O 
but she just crried on and i watch the needle go in xD I'm so weird. it was like a slight pinch. haha and then my blood went byebye. (this is the most random post ever! and weirdest =D)
but yeah i twas fun ...

haha then after i went to put money in my bank cos i still had loads in cash i was like ahh i dont have enough in my account when apparently they already put in my grant money! so im rich again =D YEAH! 
now im off to go eat my starbucks and relax before revision cos i feel a bit woozy <-- hehe i love that word sounds weird. xD

Ja mata ne~~




I just watched RECUE epidsodes 7&8 and IT WAS AMAZING!!


its like wooow. but i can't help but cry even when its not necessary!
damn this drama =O shindii_ruiizu did you watch them??? (let the flailing begin!)

Ah minna! thank you for trying to help me the other day! you are all so kind! *hugs*

I must go i hae focus to go to =D

Sore JA!

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I just spent two hours doing a cadbuy world piscam and then it doesnt even work properly all the html stuff
wouldt work! So i deleted it. =[ i feel like crying! i hate it !!!!

I refuse to do one now until i can be bothered! i just wasted my time T________T


Sorry f-list  you'll have to wait *sighs*

If anyone knows why everytime i go to post pics the html shows up? cause is really annoying.

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Uploading, downloading, sideloading..loading..

HAHA. Yay me i finsihed all my uni coursework! =D now i just have to concentrate on exams!
well after this weekend or at least after today!


So work is over yay xxxvengeancexxx we finished! now RESCUE =]

and I'm uploading he emoticons shindii_ruiizu gave me :D oh and then Cadbury world pics
and I'm d/l Konkatsu subbed ep 1! xD

wow lots of stuff.

Oooo I'm hungry. hmmm Omellette i make good omellettes :D anyone want ! ?

oh i have work tomorrow, i reckon I'll be coming home smelling like a brewry working at a bar ¬____¬
oh yay. oh but there is youth group tonight =D that should be fun! telling them that we're doing a sleepover
and a day out trip! wow they will go crazy O_O een though they're only 9-13.... oh wells!

RIght I did a stupid thing on photobucket where im taggin all the emoticons theres 250! O_____o why would i do that?? anyway ill do a picscam later =D

They're saying that in Britain this summer its going o be hot and dry one. hahahahaaa that will be a first! we havent had a dry summer in years. lets see how far that goes. I recall the hottest and only dry day last year was 28degrees! and that was it! hah! i laugh at them xD

=D it worked!

Going to post this earlier but..

work was distraction (thats a first) haha

well just to say i know that most of you on my f-list are all from different places, and i hope
none of you end up with swine flu but stay safe ne~~

right back to work!
I just spent 2hrs searching for this one piece of research and then my friend told me where to look and it was right there!! WTH!? why didn't i see it before! now I am set back 2hrs but i need a break. *goes to breath fresh air.*
but yes.

I think i might make this friend's only soon....tomorrow? hmm possibly. =]



AHHH i re-did iTunes luckily my music was still on my comp so i just made anew library.
Yesterday was not a good day so sorry about the post yesterday!

oh and shindii_ruiizu  i need ur helpwitht eh emoticon things >< how do you get them onto the post?? its soo confusing or is it just me? lol *useless*

Today i had to go into uni to go submit my choices for the 2nd year online which was sooo easy
i could have done it at  home and not wasted money on travel...*sigh*

But i think they wanted to make sure everyone did it. Ahh and my timetable for next year is terrible =O
i hate it but thank God its only a draft i hope it changes...

Collapse )
But yes i must go and get on with this work. somehow I'm really dizzy for some reason. Although today is super hot! ^^b wow i can really write alot! ^^;
anyone who wnts to know Konkatsu ep 1 subbed is out on yeah go watch!


Oh look Jamie's home and slammed the door when really he has know right to be angry. right must block out shoutig with music!
KAT-TUN doko desu ka T__T ?


T__________T I HATE ITUNES

Seriously, I am so close to breaking down!! WTF IS WRONG WITH ITUNES!!!???
LIKE the library thing came up saying i need to select a library which i did i clicke the most recent,
and then it went back to all my old stuff. And seriously i spent a whole day sorting it out and d/l proper
KAT-TUN stuff and now its gones and now i don't no what to do and and it will be the 4th time sorting it
out in the PAST 2 MONTHS!! 

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS.!?? who made iTunes? i will personaly murder them!


Does anyone know how to sort this?


My Brother scared the hell out of me by shouting at me as soon as
i opened his door so i screamed at him and slammed his door.
But i really can't cope atm. I CAN'T STAND THE MEN IN THIS HOUSE!!
niether of them respect mum or me! they think we're sooo stupid!!


sorry f-list .